Wescot Energy Sdn Bhd was incorporated in the year 2015, with a mission to become one of the top leading local company in Oil & Gas sector with its professionalism and good culture social responsibility to the community in Brunei Darussalam. We are looking to grow in this sector hand in hand with our long-standing IT services.

Our total 20 years’ experience in IT turnkey projects and services has set us up in a strong position to operate in these dynamic and ever-changing industries, and we feel that our experience will serve you successfully in delivering the products and services.

We, Wescot Energy Sdn Bhd strongly support the three main objectives of the Directive 2 on Local Business Development (LBD) Framework for the Oil & Gas Industry, we Wescot Energy Sdn Bhd will continue to expand in the field of Oil and Gas Industry, increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services, develop a strong base of valid customers and as well as to build good reputation in the field of Oil and Gas Industry and become a key player in the industry.