Corporate Culture



With a strong CSR build in our philosophy, We believe as responsible corporate citizens, we must address the issues of environmentally sustainable practices relating to all aspects of our business, demonstrating care, respect and compassion for our people, the broader community and the environment.


A fundamental aspect of our interdependent HSSE.

Culture is to involve everyone and ensure they are aware of their responsibility and obligation to observe, intervene and report unsafe conditions and behaviors.

Minimize our impact on the environment through pollution prevention, reduction of natural resource consumption and emissions, and the reduction and recycling of waste.

HSSE Policy shall be regularly reviewed to ensure ongoing suitability.


At Wescot Energy, we take pride in our local reputation for delivering high quality products and services in a manner that never compromises our integrity or our high standards of business conduct. Meeting our competitive challenges and embracing opportunities can place pressure on employees at every level of the Company.
However this pressure to succeed can never be an excuse for making decisions that would compromise our Core Values or Business Code of Conduct.

Our Code of Conduct is a practical guide to the behavior required of all Wescot Energy employees as we go about our daily lives.


We fully aware and support the LBD Framework 2012 by the Energy Dept. of Prime Minister’s Office. We are fully comply in the “Development segment” of the LBD quadrant.

We are committed to achieve continuous and sustainable growth and thereby contribute to the nation’s economic growth and the provision of employment for locals and increasing the GDP of the country in line with the objectives of His Majesty’s Government outlined in the Wawasan Brunei 2035.