This policy contains provision governing use/abuse of drugs and alcohol. All employees shall observe, abide and be bound by the following provisions:

  • No employees shall use, be in possession of or be under the influence of any drugs and alcohol at the work location or causing any drugs and alcohol be carried into any work location, except for doctors prescription.
  • Employees with doctors prescribed drugs shall declare this to the QHSE representative on site.
  • Any new employee maybe reasonably requested to undergo test for drug, alcohol and substance
    use. Anyone who fails or refuses the test will not be eligible for employment.
  • Employees who demonstrate reasonable doubt or suspicion of having consumed prohibited drug or substance & alcohol maybe required to take test to detect as such; or carryout random testing when necessary.
  • Involvement in accident and incident whether vehicle or workplace will give rise to reasonable, suspicion of drug, alcohol and substance abuse, therefore, the concerned employees maybe requested to undergo testing.
  • All employees are expected to conform to prevailing laws and regulations of the country and client’s pertaining to Drug, Alcohol & Substance Abuse policy.