In line with our QHSE policy, the company is committed in ensuring company’s activities have minimal impact on the environment.

To achieve this aim, the company shall:

  • Provide procedures for safe practices in ship operations and safe working environment.
  • Establish safeguards against all identified risks and potential hazards.
  • Provide mechanism to improve QHSE management of all personnel ashore and abroad the vessel including preparing for emergencies for safety and environmental protection.
  • Review and comply with all mandatory and applicable rules, regulations, industry codes, standard and guidelines recommended by industry authorities and organisations.
  • Ensure employees receive appropriate training to enhance their skills in quality, health, safety and environment management.
  • Ensure that the policy and procedures are implemented, verified and reviewed in accordance with the management system process and adhered at all level of organization including third party personnel working with the company.
  • Measure and communicate our safety performance within our organisation and this includes rewarding good performance accordingly.

The Managing Director understands the responsibility and is committed to utilise company resources to attain this policy and objectives and calling all employees to comply with the policy requirements and procedures prescribed in the QHSE Management System manual.