Hoover Ferguson

DNV 2.7 offshore container Fleet

Hoover Ferguson offers a 9,000 gallon offshore mud skip/cutting box to safely handle and transport hydrocarbon contaminated drill cuttings to and from offshore platforms. These units provide a safe and efficient means of containment of drilling waste for transport to treatment and disposal sites. This unit is DNV 2.7-1 approved and DOT 49CFR 176.340 compliant.

 All units designed and manufactured to DNV 2.7-1/ EN12079 standards
 Certified Slings complete with shackles are provided according to DNV 2.7-1/EN1207 standards
 Design Temperature -4°F, -20°C
 Lightweight lid for safe and easy lifting, opening/closing (Note: supporting the BSP Drilling – Hand & Finger prevention injury 20kgs lid)
 Due to design there is no need for climbing on units, reducing risk of falls
 Large lid ensures ability to fill unit to maximum improving logistics
 Sealed lid prevents any spillages during transportation
 When stacked two high the sling on the upper skip is easily accessible
 Rigid construction for long life
 Drainage points are standard
 Stackable for optimum storage

Tubular Transport Frames
  • Only pipe handling equipment built to EN 12079
  • No lost time incidents involving TFF’s
  • Only European supplier of this patented product
  • Reduced manual handling
  • Significant cost savings
  • Recommended by UK reference guide to materials handling 2001 (UKOA)

Shipment from Exxon to Jotun B

Norsk Agip Fall 2001 9 5/8′ casing to West Alpha’s drilling in the Barents Sea

Need less space onboard the rig



DIAMETER 2 7/ 8” 3 ½” 4” 4 ½” 5” 5 ½” 6 5/ 8” 7” 9 5/ 8” 10 ¾” 13 3/ 8” 16”

MAX JOINTS PER FRAME 55 / 60* 45 / 50* 32 / 45* 28 / 32* 28 24 15 15 6 / 8* 6 4 / 6* 2

PAYLOAD 10900 kg

* Depending on additional pipe fittings, bumper rings and thread protectors, etc.

Conclusion : Our positive experience should lead to that the transportation frame should be used for all future transportation of turbular

Guidelines for The Safe Packing and Handling of Cargo to and from offshore locations

Issue 1
May 2001

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  • Certified to EN 12079
  • Lifted by certified chains slings (DNV)
  • Different size tubulars can be carried in the same frame using the same universal rubbers
  • Carrying capacity of 10,900 kgs
  • 75% to 80% reduction in manual handling – one operative to load frames
  • Stackability
  • Units can be loaded with a forklift by one person
  • Cost reductions, i.e No Crane requirements
  • No Special tools required – user friendly system
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Onshore tubular preparation – drifting, measuring, numbering