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Hj. Matali Hj. Apong
Managing Director

Founding member of Wescot Energy and with more than 30 years in the Civil Service and recently retired and venturing into the Oil & Gas Industry. Prior to this position, Hj. Matali held a variety of senior management positions, Hj. Matali served in Ministry of Finance, founding team member of Development Bank of Brunei (Later Rename as Islamic Development Bank Of Brunei), heading the State Tender Board, The Supply & State Store Dept. and seconded to Bangkok to Oversee Government’s interest in Brusiam Food Alliance Co. etc.

With his vast experience, he monitoring the effectiveness of the Company’s management, performance, corporate governance practices and making changes as necessary or appropriate for the company.

Mr. Roger Yap
Business Development Director

Roger is a founding member of ITIS Wescot and was known for his integrity and honesty, independence, leadership and the ability to exercise sound business judgment.

He has been involved in Managing, Operate, Setting up, Pre-Sales, Project Management and Planning of Major eGovernment Solution for the Government of Brunei Darussalam.

Having vast experience of working with multiple MNC vendors and in-house teams to execute complicated IT projects, Roger understand how to maximized in leveraging of overseas technology and blend-in with localized technical support, tailored the best value of TCO dfor the clients.

Mr. Louis Lim
Finance Director

Louis is a founding member of ITIS Wescot, he has been overseeing the long-term health and the overall success of ITIS Wescot and its financial strength for the past 26 years. He administered the Company’s major financial objectives, critical strategies and long-term plans, including major allocations of capital and significant business acquisitions and divestitures.

Louis also assessing major risks facing the Company, and options for their mitigation. He also executed the processes for maintaining for integrity of the Company with regard to its financial statements and other public disclosures, and compliance with laws and ethics.