In Conjunction with our QHSE Policy, the company shall apply the best practicable means to protect the health of every individual through “No Smoking Policy”. Smoking is an annoyance to non-smokers, a proven health hazard and a certain major safety hazard in some locations.

In recognition of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment concerns, the company is committed to:

  • Adhere to the BSP’s No Smoking Policy
  • Adhere to Tobacco Order 2007
  • Prohibit smoking in all company owned or contracted locations and vehicles, except in clearly defined Designated Smoking Area.
  • Designated smoking areas should be clearly marked or identified as a designated smoking area.
  • All smoking areas will be fitted with firefighting equipment.
  • All employees, technical partners, subcontractors and third party service provider shall be advised on “No Smoking Policy” during QHSE Induction.