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● Fibalite Wearpad is a molded polyester shell to protect pipes in pipe support areas.

● This shell can be used in pipe-racks and under other pipes on supports in the oil- and gas industry, refineries, chemical and petrochemical industry, tank parks and offshore.

● Fibalite Wearpads are supplied in any desired diameter with an arch span of 150°.

● The thickness of the Fibalite Wearpad can vary from 3 to 9 mm. These protecting shells are available in a standard length of 28 cm. Longer shells are available on request.

● The flexible neoprene rubber CempfixTM as a bonding agent between the steel pipe and Fibalite Wearpad.

●Hot Bolting is the practice of removing and replacing or freeing and re-tightening bolts on live piping and equipment.

●It is potentially hazardous and the utmost caution needs to be exercised when planning and carrying it out.

●This is commonly done on pipelines & valves for Oil & Gas operation.

●Specialize telecommunications equipment manufacturer. Specialize in voice and data telecommunications over wireless.

●Based on designing robust communications equipment that provides fully monitored wireless VoIP and WiFi Infrastructure for Explosive and Corrosive Industrial Environments

●This includes Oil Drilling Rigs, Utility Substation Metering locations, Chemical Plants and Industrial Sites

●Their innovative product lines: w*intercom™, Airborne™ and ZipLine™.

● Designed for use in the safe manual handling of chicksan and BOP choke valves.

● Allows safe handling and movement of valves, reducing possible hand and finger injuries.

● Rating – 50kg WLL

● Minimum Breaking Load – 5000kg

Lift Assist Single Handle

● Manufacture and supply of stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, duplex steels, nickel alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys in shape of pipes, pipe fittings, tubes, flanges, sheets, plates round bar, tube fittings and fasteners.

● meets highest quality, product safety and delivery standard in the industry.