Project Awarded


Project Title : Provision of Well Abandonment Services.

The signing on this memorable project was done at BSP Headquarters at 8th September 2016 by our managing Director Hj Matali Bin Haji Apong.

Our 1st well S310 executed in January 2017 to date we have done 24 wells.

The project will be executed with our technical service partner, Dowell Schlumberger  with project duration of 4 years.



Project Title: SFI (Slurry Fracture Injection) project Technical Feasibility Study.

Overview of the project: A project from Brunei Shell Petroleum Company for the SFI project TFS work has been conducted jointly by Wescot Energy & Terralog Technologies Inc (TTI) since early August 2018. With the use of Slurry Fracture Injection (SFI), a unique technology owned by Terralog is a process for the deep well disposal of large volumes of oily viscous and granular waste streams in the Petroleum industry.