QHSE auditing is a systematic, ongoing and periodical review of the entire quality, health, safety and environment management system, including the policy and programs used to promote quality assurance, ensure quality control in all our operations and to prevent incidents and accidents, promoting health and wellbeing of our employees and taking care not to pollute our environment.

QHSE auditing will be conducted to measure the effectiveness of a management system and to identify the strengths and opportunities for improvement. The audit shall be conducted as follows:

  • Define the methodology for auditing and QHSE elements to be covered.
  • Determine the frequency of auditing for different types of system, based on risk potential, strategic importance, past and actual QHSE performance and other unique circumstances.
  • Planning of audit criteria, formation of audit team and effectiveness of the audit.
  • The findings shall be discussed to the relevant party involved in deciding on the necessary preventive and corrective action.
  • Document all positive findings, areas for improvement or non-conformities and recommendations in a formal report. And making sure this report is communicated to all relevant department and to the attention of management.
  • Verify and enforce the implementation of the prevention and corrective actions.