• Provides wireless phone and data extensions for up to 3 miles that is safe for Oil and gas industries
  • Specialty wireless telecom products manufacturer.
  • Predecessor company design team in 80s to manufacture specialty wireless telecom (payphone) products to ILEC in Canada. Became Teletics in 2003.
  • First product was radio POTS dial tone extender.
  • Expanded into oil and gas drilling market in 2004 with  w*intercom product and into utility market since 2003.
  • Headquarter in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • Manufacturing facilities in Canada and USA.
  • Sales throughout Canada, USA, Australia, Southeast Asia

  • Market is Public Safety / Oil and Gas Drilling / Mobile work campus
  • Wireless PBX with High Power Public Address
  • Suitable for noisy and rugged environments
  • SIP compliant. Works with any SIP IP backhaul, including VSAT
  • Supports up to 20 site locations with phone, PA and data access
  • SIP compliant
  • Proven reliability in remote site situations
  • No Moving Parts
  • Steel Chassis
  • Racks mount with 4 FXO ports, and SIP only small form factors version

The ZipLine is perfect to use
where ever you need a phone or
data line, but can not run wire.
ZipLine is easy to install, no radio
experience is required and everything you need ships on one box.

ZipLine can provide up to two
phone lines and computer networking between buildings at a
fraction of the cost of trenching
or burying cable.

ZIPLINE™ Rapid Deployment,
Low Cost, Phone/Data Line

•Fully meshed 58 radio technology

•Easy installation •No complicated security setup

•Up to 20 radios in one network

•Every radio is a repeater, no Access points or Clients

•Secure Setup in Seconds™

•Eliminate or reduce communications costs by up to 95%

•Reach sites without phone lines

•Lower truck roll times for service by eliminating Telco line

•Faster and less expensive than trenching

•Ease of installation and in most cases can be moved without a tech

•Faster field setups and moves than with cable

•Easily cost justified by cable replacement costs

•More reliable than wired phone and PA infrastructure

•First class support