In conjunction with the company’s QHSE Policy and Commitment, Wescot Energy (WE) shall apply all relevant hazard control fundamentals including the use of PPE for the purpose to control manage and reduce hazards and risks produced and associated with our business. Even though PPE does not provide adequate protection in certain circumstances, it is the policy of the company to provide PPE to all personnel who will then be esponsible to wear PPE properply, keep it maintained and replace when necessary:

The Minimum PPE requirements when working on a potentially hazardous site shall include:

  • Wear head protection, eye and face protection, hearing protection, respiratory protective equipment, hand protection and body protection in compliance with BSP-02-Standard-1628 Personal Protective Equipment, Revision 7.4.
  • In line with the key changes of the above revised BSP PPE standard, impact resistant gloves are mandatory, only clear and tinted safety spectacles allowed and use of only flame Resistant Tudong (headscarf for Muslim lady) and balaclava.
  • No finger rings, bracelets and wrist watches with metal straps are allowed on all worksites.

In the event where personnel to be found not complying with these minimum PPE requirements, they will be refrain from entering the worksite until all the minimum PPE requirements are fulfilled.